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A Music Sharing Community For The Rest of Us

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radiospam is a music sharing community among friends to avoid the pitfalls of downloading, firewalls and other, more restrictive LJ sharing communities. We're not closed to membership but are looking to keep an intimate, largely unmoderated environment around here.

1. There are no rules. Actually, there are but they're few and easily followable.

2. There are no restrictions on what, how or when you can post. JUST MAKE ALL POSTS FRIENDS-ONLY. All members are welcome to post requests and/or recommendations. You don't even have to share music either. If you see a video that everyone MUST see, feel free to post it.

3. It is not necessary to comment if you're taking something. Just comment if a link dies so that someone can re-upload it when they can.

4. Use tags if you want. Again, not necessary.

5. If you're posting a lot of things at once, be kind, use a cut.

6. If you can in posts, PLEASE put the format of the file next to its name. There's nothing some people hate more than clicking on a link and finding out it's m4a or wma instead of mp3.

7. Try to use more common, more reliable download sites. YouSendIt, Sendspace and MegaUpload work pretty well.

8. Membership is moderated, but tell your friends. Either vouch for them (on my LJ, IM or email) or I can check their friends list to make sure they know one of us.

9. Enjoy, share and have fun!

DISCLAIMER'D: The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. What you do with the music you collect here is your own responsiblity.